About us

Our project has started in 2019. Since our begin, we have been committed to develop the world’s best rowing platform under the highest and traditional standards. Focus on the water while we ensure you do your part for the Great Rowing achievement, and for your Life.



1994. Born in US. Spent in UK a decade. Studied and rowed in Sweden a year.
Major in College: Buisiness design
Concept2 Euro open LM11st
Farstarodden(SWE) LM1x 4th , 4x+1st
Japan National championships M4+ 7th

1994. Born in JP. Several times join for the national team.
Major in College: Sports science
Japan National University championships M8+ 1st
Japan National championships M8+ 4th
World Rowing U23 2- 7th

Project manager. 
1997. Born in JP. Spent in UK a decade.
Major in College: Marketing
Japan National championships M4+ 3rd
Japan National University championships M2+ 2nd

Branding strategist.
1990. Born in JP. 
Major in College: Visual design

Creative manager.
1994. Born in JP.
Studied in UK a decade.
Major in College: Research & strategic design

Filming & Marketing. 
1994. Born in JP. Studied filming in US.
Major in College: Filming and editing
BOVA (宣伝会議 Brain Online Video Award 2019)